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  • Rick Dvorak
    Unique Professional Settings
    Hello, My place of employment is trying to branch out from the typical PT-AT clinic model and focus more on ways to utilize an AT. I have recently begun to research into the u…
    Rick Dvorak 443 views 4 comments Most recent by David Gallegos
  • Administrator
    Hey, Welcome to Athletic Trainers Discussions! Please introduce yourself
    Introducing Athletic Trainers professional discussions platform - to bring together the experts to share ideas and best practices on a uniquely collaborative platform - driving…
    Announcement Administrator 577 views 28 comments Most recent by David Gallegos
  • Terricka Stewart
    Could the Profession benefit from having a union?
    Hi everyone! I've thought about this for a while and would like to get some thoughts about the idea of an athletic training union. The NATA is great as a professional associat…
    Accepted Answer Terricka Stewart 852 views 8 comments Most recent by David Gallegos
  • Paul Geisler
    The Future of AT Practice
    If you have read and are up to date on the latest proposed standards for AT education, and thus too for future AT practice, are you concerned about the direction(s) they are im…
    Paul Geisler 2.4K views 5 comments Most recent by Richard Cobey
  • P.J. Gardner
    Athletic Directors information
    In order to promote the purpose and skills of Certified Athletic Trainers, I think it is important to have our various organizations at the state and regional level invite AD's…
    P.J. Gardner 11 views 0 comments Started by P.J. Gardner
  • Audric Warren
    Athletic Training, Masters Required
    A few months ago the Athletic Training Strategic Alliance announced that the Athletic Training profession was moving to Masters Degree required to practice. A decision that has…
    Audric Warren 2.5K views 25 comments Most recent by Randy Bisnett
  • Jeff Petak
    automated external defibrillators (AED)
    Hello, As a wholesale provider of AEDs, questions that I often come across are the differences of the brands, energy levels, size, user-friendly features, and time to shock. If…
    Jeff Petak 11 views 0 comments Started by Jeff Petak
  • Richard Cobey
    The problem with chiro's is they dont know their scope of practice and dont realize their limitations. I limit my involvement with chiros as I find their orthopedic skills mini…
    Richard Cobey 141 views 0 comments Started by Richard Cobey
  • Jim B
    Work schedule
    For the athletic trainers who do athletic training outreach for a hospital and cover several schools. How do you split your time? How much time do you spend on the road? And ho…
    Jim B 222 views 1 comment Most recent by Holly Sisson, AT, ATC
  • Frank Alexander
    Referring to an Orthopedist: When and Who?
    When an athlete gets hurt there is only so much we can do for them prior to sending them to an orthopedist for further evaluation and imaging. Aside from gathering a solid his…
    Frank Alexander 441 views 7 comments Most recent by Jim B