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Hey, Welcome to Athletic Trainers Discussions! Please introduce yourself

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Introducing Athletic Trainers professional discussions platform - to bring together the experts to share ideas and best practices on a uniquely collaborative platform - driving collaboration and empowerment through knowledge sharing.

Who are you? Where are you from? What can you offer other community members?
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  • Good Morning all,

    My name is Frank Alexander. I am an athletic trainer with a masters in kinesiology from New York. Currently I am a physician extender at Columbia University Medical Center/New York Presbyterian hospital for one of our attending physicians. I can offer a vast experience to this community as I have worked in the collegiate, high school, and physician extender settings. Additionally, as athletic trainers we need to keep learning and we can do so by participating in forums such as these. We may be able to not only help other professionals but learn something as well. I look forward to this learning experience.

  • Hi! My name is Anna Hartman. I live in Scottsdale, Arizona and I am an alumni of University of Oregon and AT Sill University. I am an Athletic Trainer and have my own business called MovementREV, I specialize in performance rehabilitation, utilizing a blend on various manual therapy techniques and movement based restoration. Some of my core values are to learn, change, and share my passion and knowledge. I am constantly attending continuing education workshops on various topics and love to learn from others in the field of sports science. I truly believe that despite what credentials someone may have, everyone has something to share and something to learn. So if you are passionate about movement, sport, performance, injury prevention, rehabilitation, emergency care etc I am excited to learn and share with you!
    Anna J. Hartman MS, ATC, CSCS, PMA-CPT
  • Hi there! My name is Tessa Valdez and I live in Saint Louis, Mo. I work at Lindenwood University-Belleville as an athletic trainer/ Instructor. Currently, I am teaching clinical classes for the undergraduate program and will also be providing medical services to the basketball/volleyball programs. It will be my second year as a staff athletic trainer and I am constantly trying to improve myself for my students and student-athletes. Pursuing new avenues such as these and many others has helped me maintain an edge in the sports medicine field.
  • Hello everyone! My name is Audric Warren, i am from Gary,Indiana. I am an alumni of The Defiance College where I graduated with a Bachelors in wellness and corporate fitness and a Bachelors in Athletic training I earned my masters of Science in Rehabilitation Sciences from California University of Pennsylvania. I currently own and work as an athletic trainer for Effort :Performance & Rehabilitation. The biggest thing I can offer is my passion for Athletic Training and wanting to share that with my fellow colleagues.
    Audric Warren MS, ATC, CAFS, NASM-PES, NASM-CES
  • Hello! My name is Bryon Ramos. I am an Athletic Trainer living in the St. Louis, MO area. I have spent most of my career in emerging athletic training settings. After 4 years of clinic outreach work, I spent 5 years in the Industrial Athletic Training realm, followed by 3 years working with orthopedic clinical DME. Currently I am back in the industrial setting, providing onsite athletic training services for a large aerospace company.
  • Hi! My name is Jennifer London. I am an athletic trainer livinig in Augusta, GA. I am an alum of UNC Charlotte and have a M.S. in Kinesiology from Michigan State. I have spent the last 6 years in the high school setting and prefer that age group. I also cover a gymnastics camp during the summer as my schedule allows. I love learning and have a passion for athletic training. I am constantly reading research or learning new techniques in an attempt to save the high school money while providing the hgihest quality of care to the student-athletes.
  • Hello!
    My name is Scott Bruce and I am an Assistant Professor and the Director of Research for the Athletic Training Program at Wright State University in Dayton, OH. I have worked as a certified athletic trainer for 30+ years at a wide variety of settings and populations. My research interests revolve around concussions and clinical prediction modeling.
    Athletic training is all I have ever wanted to do since I was in 9th grade. I love the profession and the fact that no two days are exactly alike. I look forward to learning from everybody and hopefully I will be able to share and help some of the members on this site with their problems and challenges.
    Scott L. Bruce, EdD, AT, ATC
    Assistant Professor/Director of Research
    Athletic Training Program
    Wright State University
    3640 Colonel Glenn Hwy.
    Dayton, OH 45435
    [email protected]
  • Hello,

    I am Andy Wilson. I am an alumni of Angelo State University and currently I serve as the head athletic trainer of Harker Heights High School in Killeen, Texas. I have been practicing athletic training in the state of Texas for 25 years. I have worked many camps from 6 man football to 11 man clinics. I have also worked rodeo sports in the past and have worked with numerous orthopedic surgeons from Scott & White Hospital in Temple. I enjoy working as an athletic trainer in the High School setting but have also worked with some pros in Arena football out of Austin Texas as well as Belton Texas. I look forward to many discussions on our profession with all of you.
  • Hi, I'm Jose' Rivera, program director at Indiana University of PA. I teach A & P, therapeutic exercise, survey of orthopedic injuries, and a couple of labs. I'm also sprints and hurdles coach for Carnegie Mellon University and a youth USATF club. I love the athletic training profession, but I'm seriously concerned about how politics are affecting our profession, how our leaders have become increasingly obsessed about trying to copy what other allied health professions are doing, and how more and more students are attending AT programs only as a way to get into PT school. Too many ATCs that really want to be PTs but never got accepted to PT school are a negative influence in our profession. We have a nitch, that is, we are the best at treating "athletes". Individuals who want to do something else need to go study something else. there is this continued pressure/insistence in trying to be everything for everyone instead of focusing on our nitch. I'm at the point in my career where plans for "retirement" is part of the conversation now. But I hope that this trend to be "Jack of all trades" doesn't make us "master of none".
  • I'm John Thomas I currently work as an assistant AT at the Colorado school of Mines. I attended the University of Pittsburgh for my undergraduate program (Hi Jose).Throughout my my 25+ years as a certified athletic trainer I have worked at all levels of AT, including sports medicine clinics and teaching a high school sports medicine program. I have a Colorado Teaching license and EMT certification.
  • Alyssa here, currently working as an AT for the non profit PlaySafe South Carolina. This organization is responsible for placing athletic trainers into high schools in Upstate South Carolina. I am in my 5th year as a certified AT; I received my undergraduate degree at Ithaca College and my masters at the University of Florida. Prior to PlaySafe I worked at the DII college level, and I started off at a small high school while I was a GA.
  • Hello! My name is Brianna Woodworth. I am currently working as an athletic trainer for club and intramural sports at the University of Maine. Our on campus health center is contracted with our local hospital and we support many of the medical needs to the students and employees of the UMaine community. In the past two years, Eastern Maine Medical Center has also developed a new service line--EMMC Sports Health. Our organization now employees 3 full time AT's (not including myself) and several local high school contracts. We have a 24/7 injury help line and are working to support our primary care practices with resources for concussion management, acute injury care and prevention. I also work as an adjunct lecturer and ACI in UMaine's athletic training education program. I am chair of Clinical Emerging Practices and Honors Awards for the Maine State Athletic Trainers' Association. I am interested in how AT's can best support healthcare practices to improve provider efficiency and improve patient satisfaction and care. Please reach out to me if you have similar experiences or interests.
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    Hi my name is Ashley Williams. I am currently working as a Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer at Ouachita Baptist University in Arkadelphia, Arkansas. I care for both the men's and women's soccer teams and softball. I also provided coverage for men's and women's basketball, swimming, wrestling and tennis as needed. I am an Alumni of Wilmington College (Wilmington Ohio) where I received my bachelors in both athletic training and sport management. I am currently pursuing my Master's in Sport Administation. I am a young professional, eager to learn and create a great career. I am interested in mentoring, teaching and research in athletic training and would like to pursue these, while giving care to my athletes.
  • Hi everyone. My name is John Nostro. For the past 6 years I was working as a manager in the home health care industry but before that I was an ATC at a college within the City University of NY system for 19 years. I am currently looking to get back into athletic training and if possible as a physician extender.
  • Hello, My name is Bill Tillson. I am a certified Athletic Trainer working for the past 18 years with a professional soccer team in Italy. I have an interest in functional assessments. I have taken the CES and PES course with the national academy of sports medicine. Great courses! am always looking for great ways to assess faulty movement patterns and corrective exercises.
    I did my undergraduate studies at California State University, Long Beach and a Masters degree At California State University, East Bay while working at the University of California, Berkeley.
  • Hi! I am Meghan McKay and am currently working in the Hospital-Based Outreach setting, but that really means I am doing everything at once. We are also implementing PE's into our hospital/Ortho department, building a new therapy center, and continuing outreach in our area. I am also the Head AT for the Wales Men's National Lacrosse team which I have been working with since 2010 (Bill, I might need to talk Euro supply companies with you for Euro's in Budapest next summer!).

    I did my undergrad at Central Michigan University, internship with Auburn football, and Master's of Ed at Texas State while a GA. I then went on to work D3 field hockey and lacrosse at SU while employed through a PT clinic for 4 years. I have almost 10 years of experience in almost all settings (mostly collegiate) and educated ATS' for 6 years during that time.

    I miss the open collaboration within our profession and can't wait to learn from so many experienced and young professionals through this format! I only hope I can contribute too!
  • Hi everyone. My name is John Nostro. For the past 6 years I was working as a manager in the home health care industry but before that I was an ATC at a college within the City University of NY system for 19 years. I am currently looking to get back into athletic training and if possible as a physician extender.

  • hi john
    nice, we got something in common, I attended undergrad @Bklyn college and Grad @LIU,
    did you go to the last NATA symposium? they had a big presentation on physician extender
    I believe on the NATA website they have literature on it or maybe contact the lectures that presented
    at the symposium. i know some AT's added orthopedic tech cert. which helps to work in the hospital setting.
    hope that helps
  • Hi! My name is Daniel Givens I am currently the Head ATC for Pickerington Central High School and employed through OhioHealth Sports Medicine. I have been an ATC for 5years after graduating from Wilmington College; I have primarily working in both physical therapy clinics and at the high school level during this time. I have a passion for trying to figure out patients faulty movement patterns and their disfunction which has lead me to complete both CES and PES from the National academy of sports medicine, FMS level 1 (getting ready for the level 2 class) and DNS sports 1 (plan on taking 2 & 3 in 2016.) I am looking forward to learning from this group of Athletic Trainers. Its always nice to see other ATCs thirsty to learn more from each other.
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    Hi, my name is Marley Asselta and I am currently working as a high school athletic trainer in Colorado (hi John Thomas!). I received my undergraduate degree at Central Connecticut State University, and worked at a high school and clinic in CT for a few years before moving out to CO. I have been at the same high school in CO for 12 years now, and have generally enjoyed working at the high school level. I am the only athletic trainer at my school, and I definitely miss working with other AT's, which is one of the drawbacks to working in a high school setting (at least in most cases). I became a preceptor for a local university a few years ago and it's been nice to have students around, but it's not quite the same as interacting with colleagues.

    Marley Asselta, ATC, EMT
  • Hello Everyone! My name is Bob Mayerson. I received my undergrad degree in Athletic Training/Sports Medicine from Eastern Michigan University and my masters degree in Exercise Science and Wellness from California University of Pennsylvania.

    I'm currently in job transition in the northern Chicago suburbs. I'm am looking to get back into the Industrial arena or the physician extender role. My industrial rehab specialist position was eliminated as part of the reorganization process when Accelerated Rehab. was acquired by Athletico Physical Therapy. I have been an ATC for 14 years working in various setting from a private physical therapy clinic and then co-owner of a small physical therapy and athletic training clinic, as a HS outreach ATC for 3 different High Schools, as a physician extender/observation role while at the HS, and most recently the industrial setting performing Work Conditioning Evaluations, ReEvaluations, progressing work conditioning clients. In my last position I performed post employment testing and ergonomic assessments as well as worked with a component manufacturer as an onsite ATC.

    I have a passion for athletic training. I enjoy working with people and trying to figure out get them back on the field or back to work. I try to prevent injuries through corrective exercises and functional movement assessments, and ergonomic tools. I am always trying to improve my skills as an ATC. I hold certifications in corrective exercise(CES), ergonomics(CEAS), Orthopedic casting and Bracing (ROT master caster and OBT).

    I can offer perspectives from the various emerging and traditionals settings. I look forward to many discussions.
  • Hello, My name is Rick Thomas and have been certified for 15 years. My experience has been with Division 3 college, clinic/high school, professional hockey/arena football and the Army. Currently I am an ATC at a high school and teach a sports med class. It's at a rural school which has never had an athletic trainer. I could retire here if conditions improve but time will tell. My greatest satisfaction has been working with our military, which I would do again if a position presented itself.
  • Hello everyone my name is Ashlee Morse and I have been a certified athletic trainer for 8 years now. I have worked in the Division I Intercollegiate setting and now I work in the clinical setting with a non-operative orthopedic doctor who is sports medicine fellowship trained. He is just starting his practice and it's been an interesting journey thus far being out of the college setting. I am enjoying it as it's a different view of how ATs can be used and the opportunities that are out there for us. I am enjoying this fairly new adventure I am on.
  • Hello everybody! My name is Robert Burke. I have been involved in sports health care since 1974. Degrees are BS in PE with specialty in AT and Health Education, MS in Exercise Science with Rehab specialty. I practice in Massachusetts with licenses as an Athletic Trainer, EMT and Massage Therapist. I have worked in schools, colleges, hospital and professional sports settings. I have served as president of our state association and state license board. I believe Athletic Trainers are one of the most utilitarian professionals in health care. We have been greatly undeserved in public relations, but more and more people are being treated by an AT and understand the services we provide. I do not believe we are a threat to PT Or any other profession. AT providers fit a niche in athletics that a physician assistant fits in a HMO. Often AT researchers are discovering techniques useful to all health care providers. I welcome this forum to be a POSITIVE tool to promote collegial discussion of providers and help move health care forward!
  • Hello colleagues,
    My name is Paul Geisler, EdD, ATC. I am currently the Director of AT Education at Ithaca College, and together have almost 30 years of diverse and varied experience in athletic training, including high school, clinical, professional and university settings. I'm committed to advancing the profession by educating tomorrow's practitioners to become "experts" in the field through effective clinical reasoning, reflective and compassionate practice and the principles of evidence-informed practice. I'm deeply interested in the aspects of medical cognition and expertise and their application and relevance to athletic training practice.
    PR Geisler, EdD, ATC

    “Liberating education consists in acts of cognition, not transferals of information.” ~ Paulo Freire
  • I am Larry Starr, president of Starr Athletic Solutions, LLC and completing my 52nd year as an athletic trainer. My first position was as the assistant athletic trainer at Ohio University, 1968-1971. This was followed by 30 years in professional baseball as the Head Athletic Trainer (21-Cincinnati Reds; 9-Florida Marlins). I then returned to academia as the Assistant AD/Sports Medicine at Nova Southeastern University (2002-20010). After teaching for two years and completing my doctorate, I now run a athletic training injury and conditioning consulting firm. Presently, I am the Injury Spotter at all NFL games in Hard Rock Stadium, Miami, FL and some ACC games in Miami.
  • Hi everyone!
    My name is Sydney Ernst and I am an athletic training student at Winona State University in Winona, MN. I joined this site to kind of get my hands dirty and get some experience and advice from some of you who have been through it all. As of now, I am unsure what I would like to end up doing with my athletic training degree; I am leaning towards a larger high school athletic trainer and potentially getting my certification to perform massage therapy and my certification to teach yoga classes. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!
  • Hello,
    I am passionate for the secondary school setting, direct-pay models, interdisciplinary collaboration and the continual defining of who were are. I am the Deputy CEO for a 3-clinic private practicr outpatient physical therapy business, Athletic Trainer on-demand for a local Christian HS, and Secretary for District 7. I hope to offer a broader healthcare perspective.
    Thanks for having me.
    David Gallegos
  • Hello,
    My name is Randy Gonzales. I am the certified athletic trainer for Woodlawn High School in Baton Rouge, Loisiana. I am passionate about the secondary school setting. I teach Sports Medicine, Medical Terminology, and Emergency Medical Responder. My primary interest are concussion recognition, management and return to play protocols. I am also interested in emergency medicine and the implementation of Emergency Action Plans. I look forward to receiving and sharing information in this forum
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