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What nutritional supplements do you recommend to your patients?

My client brought me a training regimen she found on the internet. I think it’s a terrible idea, but she is dead-set on trying it. How would you handle this?


  • Are we talking resistance training or a diet like regimen?

    If it is resistance training I think it all depends upon the skill level of your client and what the skill level recommended for this program is. The terrible idea is having beginner try something more advanced which only increases risk of injury. There are great resources available online when it comes to programs. They may not all be a good and it may come down to having the background and experience to know what to look for as well as knowing how to modify the program to better fit your wants/needs (ie. sport specific, mass/strength gain, lean mass, endurance, etc.)

    Nutritionally speaking I always recommend getting nutrients from foods as much as you can. If there are some deficits, which we can measure using some journaling and online resources, I can further make changes to those recommendations with food or adding in some supplementation like multi vitamin or whey/soy protein that is low in sugar.
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