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Unique Professional Settings


My place of employment is trying to branch out from the typical PT-AT clinic model and focus more on ways to utilize an AT. I have recently begun to research into the use of AT's with public safety officials (police officers, fire fighters, etc.). I was just curious to see what unique professional opportunities anyone has had a chance to be a part of. We are all very familiar with the sports athlete, but does anyone have any other interesting experiences?

Thank you,


  • Hey Rick,
    I have recently been extremely fortunate to have landed my dream job working with some of the most elite "athletes" in the world in a very non-traditional setting in the military for the Elite Special Forces. This job requires me to use every aspect of my 30+ years of experience, from my evaluation skills, rehabilitation, and emergency medicine skills. One of my responsibilities is to take a Soldier from Physical Therapy, using functional rehabilitation and specific strengthening, to get them ready to go back to the highly rigorous physical training with our awesome strength and conditioning coaches that is required to do their job specific tasks. I also provide medical coverage for training events that can include everything from mild to wild. I am very proud to be of service to such a great group of guys that work so tirelessly to protect all of us.
  • Great to see ATC's branching out. The post-rehabilitation sector is a growing sector and ideal for ATC's. I am 48 with three daughters and really grew out of traveling with teams and covering events on nights and weekends. I sold my post-rehab business to a PT after building from scratch 10 years ago. We worked with ages ranging from 15-70 y.o dealing with various injuries. In that setting we could help people anywhere along the health/fitness continuum from recovery to performance. Keep up the good work!
  • Geoff,

    I do similar things witg elite military on a limited contract basis. Can you provide insight into your role and if it is full-time? [email protected]
  • Rich, you might want to attend a business innovation in athletic training think tank conference this summer. Check out
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