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Athletic Training Tips/Tricks/Hacks!

I've been scouring the web looking for some equipment, protocol and different ways to better myself and the ATR.

Topic 1:
I am looking for way to clean my Gatorade bottles. Currently we only have a sink/wet area and have been doing it by hand/brush.
I have heard of some AT's using a bucket with disinfectant over night- which I may look into (still would have to rinse each day)
No access to dishwasher.

Topic 2:
I have a pretty standard ProTeam portable treatment (massage) table, only about 3-4 years old. It is pretty beat up, the synthetic covering on the table has seen better days and is ripped and bubbled.
I am looking to get a new one with a heavy duty vinyl or material any one have any suggestions?

Also would like to use this discussion for anyone to post innovative ways they have made their AT lives easier!


  • Re: cleaning water bottles- use a food safe disinfectant, and follow the instructions for use and duration of contact - overnight soaks should not be needed. You should check with your food services department as to what they do to meet state health department regulations as to cleaning requirements for coolers and bottles.
    As to the treatment table, if the table is in otherwise good condition, recover it yourself!
    Foam and vinyl are easy to obtain thru a local upholstery shop (who may donate their services for a program ad or other booster support acknowledgement) or major fabric store.
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