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For Athletes, The Risk Of Too Much Water

Hey dear community!

I would love to have your opinion on this article I found really interesting!


  • Tom,

    Thanks for sharing this article. I think so often people go about hydration very blindly. It is so important to help the athletes find the right individualized hydration plan for them. I think this also shows the importance of having an educated, certified AT available to help in determining these individualized hydration strategies. As with any injury/illness when someone gives advice without proper assessment and diagnosis the outcome is not always ideal, so when coaches or parents or fellow athletes are encouraging or requiring an athlete to drink excessive amounts of water to prevent cramps, or heat illness it can be detrimental to their performance and health.

    The Korey Stringer has good info to educate the public on many important topics including: hyponatremia, heat illness, acclimatization, and hydration.

    Anna J. Hartman MS, ATC, CSCS, PMA-CPT
  • Hi Tom,

    Thanks for sharing. I have to agree with Anna and the importance of having knowledgeable and trained personnel on staff... certified Athletic Trainers have that knowledge and are well trained in implementing proper hydration protocols based on individual sweat rates. They also have the responsibility of educating their athletes and coaches in a variety of "cooling" protocols.
    I believe athletes can safely hydrate using a "standard" recipe if certain criteria are in place. One of the most common mistakes I see coaches and athletes making is with the temperature of the drinking water. Cold water satiates the thirst mechanism and tends to reduce excessive volume/consumption. The article addresses the thirst mechanism but does not mention fluid temperatures. When athletes carry around "room temperature" water (by the gallon) or drink from warm, water "rain trees" there is greater likelihood they will consume too much.

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