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Injury prevention program

At the school I work at we are in the process of implementing an injury prevention program. I wonder if you already have one and how it is going. You can maybe give me some useful tips for my program!
If you don’t have a program, what are you doing to prevent injuries? Is it your choice not to implement a prevention program?

Thank you!


  • Well it all depends on the sport and what you have access to.

    With every organization and school I worked with, the most important thing is the pre-participation screenings. You have to have a great physical but more importantly a great movement screen to discern who,when, where, why, and what has a some sort of dysfunction or dysfunctions. The next part is knowing what sport you are making a program for. This is going to change what you create based upon injuries typically found in that sport as well as movement patterns that happen in that sport. You also must get the coaching staff on board otherwise your work will be in vain. In all of these situations I have had to implement these programs because many times the coaching staff does not have background to create one or they do not see the value.
    Audric Warren MS, ATC, CAFS, NASM-PES, NASM-CES
  • Tom, this is a very tough program to implement... quickly. I think that the PPE is an obvious one and shouldn't be an option not to mention that Audric said it well. Movement screens are fantastic but difficult to implement in some settings (not all).

    I started simple by ditching the word "stretching" out of my vocabulary unless in a rehab discussion and got my coaches on board with warm-up and cool-down. Then I got them to take those things SERIOUSLY! I found just starting there, I was able to decrease several "minor" injuries that my teams were having in "clusters" such as pre-season muscle strains, female shin splints (hate that term too), etc. Then, I also looked at FIFA-11 and PEP. Many of the drills they recommend are EASY to get coaches to implement into their practices.... especially if you package them in a pretty "conditioning" bow. For example, my D3 girls lacrosse program I implemented the new warm-up and cool-down and then had them go right into "conditioning" which were really the low-level plyo and agility drills that the well-researched injury prevention programs recommend. The coaches ate it up and eventually my captains ran the warm-up/cool-down. If you have the luxury of a S&C coach, perhaps collaborate with them??

    It takes a little time, but adding one thing at a time within budget, personnel, time constraints can make it seem much less daunting and slowly change the culture for the better (eventually the other teams at the Uni asked to do what we were doing!). Good Luck!
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