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PRN and Full Time Outreach Athletic Trainers- Asheville, Hendersonville & Arden Metros, NC

PT Solutions is a private practice owned and operated by physical therapists. We have an extensive sports medicine program which is headquartered in Atlanta, GA and rapidly moving into the Asheville, NC metro. Currently PT Solutions operates in 8 states and approximately 120 points of service. We already have presence in and around Asheville partnering with Park Ridge Hospital in Hendersonville and our own outpatient brick and mortar clinics.

At this time we are seeking both Full Time and PRN (as needed) Athletic Trainers within the Hendersonville, Asheville and Arden metro areas. Our full time Athletic Trainers will be assigned to one High School in the area and responsible for covering their practices and games. We have partnered with some of the larger schools who have approximately 800-1,000 athletes. Clinic hours will not be required. Our PRN team is responsible for assisting and coverage of these schools as needed in addition to any multi-school tournaments and community events.

Both the Full Time and PRN opportunities are available immediately! We can add to our team the end of December and/or first of the year. I have attached a job description, map of all our current clinic locations nationally (not including our outreach: and actually we’ve added a couple more since October…) along with information about our Sports Medicine program. Feel free to visit our website at as well.

If interested in learning more about this opportunity, please email Maryanna Hall, Talent Acquisition Specialist at
Maryanna L. Hall, M.S. ACE CPT
Talent Acquisition Specialist
PT Solutions- Physical Therapy
PTS Sports Medicine Program.pdf
Map of our Locations- October 2015.pdf
ATC - High School Outreach and Sporting Complex.docx
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