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Athletic Trainer, Valley Christian Schools, San Jose, CA

To apply and for more information:

Job description

Main Purpose of the Position: Provide athletic training services to all student-athletes. Be able to recognize, evaluate and care for athletic injuries. Includes, but is not limited to, assessment of emergency injury situations to help determine appropriate treatment. Demonstrates successful ability to teach, enforce, advocate and model appropriate behavior and character traits consistent with educational mission and philosophy of Valley Christian Schools.

Christian Role Model Commitment
Express a testimony of a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ.
Serve as a Christian role model and a consecrated Christian, dedicated to the purpose and goals of the Christian school.
Have an understanding of the philosophy and objectives of Valley Christian Schools.
Be regular in attendance at a Christian Bible believing church of your choice.
Be agreement with the VCS Statement of Faith and be committed to daily prayer and spiritual growth. (I Tim. 1:3; I Tim. 2:1-8; I Tim. 3:1-13; I Thess. 5:11-28; Rom. 12:14-21; Rom.14: 4; Gal. 6:1-10).

Personal And Professional Qualifications

Bachelor's degree in appropriate area of specialization with 2-3 years of professional experience.
Certified by the BOC.
Have the skill to make and effectively communicate timely decisions.
Remain current with new medical practices associated with the high school student-athlete as well as maintain athletic training certification.
Have a proven evidence of adequate preparation, background and ability required by the position.
Be committed to implement and enforce policies and follow prescribed procedures.
Have the skill to make and effectively communicate timely decisions.
Have the ability to foster creativity and be responsible for innovative ideas.

List Job Duties

Collaborate with the Associate Athletic Director to continue with developing a comprehensive sports medicine program for the High School including injury prevention programs, injury evaluation, injury management, injury treatment and rehabilitation, educational programs and counseling for student-athletes.
Coordinate athletic assessments with the school's team physician.
Act as a liaison between family physicians and specialists, injured student-athletes, parents and coaches, plan of treatment and return to play.
Maintain accurate records of injuries and treatments of student-athletes.
Pack, distribute and collect medical kits from sports teams each season.
Provide treatment to student-athletes before and after competitions.
Communicate with head coaches on student injury status.
Communicate and coordinate treatment plans with the team physician.
Communicate with Associate Director of Athletics on all athletic student injuries.
Collaborate with the Athletic Office in hosting the annual Physical Exam Day (includes assisting in locating examining physicians).
Maintain and manage the Athletic Training Room on a daily basis (clean tables, wash towels, fill supplies).
Submit to the Athletic Office the list for supplies/equipment in the Fall and Spring.
Coordinate the regular inspection of all AED devices on campus.
Set up annual inspections of electrical stimulation unit.
Provide athletic training coverage for all on-campus competitions including coverage of visiting programs, home and away football games and CCS competitions as advised by the Associate Director of Athletics.
Monitor and report any facility issues to the Associate Director of Athletics.
Assist in organizing seasonal IMPACT concussion testing, follow up treatments and assessments. Refer student-athletes to neurologist as needed.
Establish referral network with local healthcare professionals (physicians, physical therapist, chiropractors, etc.).
Recruit and in-service graduate assistant athletic trainers as well as High School student trainers for the academic year.
Remain current with new medical practices associated with high school student-athletes as well as maintaining athletic training credentials.
Collaborate with the Strength and Conditioning Staff to modify the training programs of all injured athletes.
Speak at informational meetings as needed.
Create and maintain a current Emergency Action Plan for each area of athletic play on campus.
Work with all Athletic Department personnel to ensure the proper storage of all confidential health information.
Ensure at least one weekly spiritual session with all injured athletes.
Essential Functions
Prevention of athletic injuries
Recognition and evaluation of athletic injuries
Management and treatment of athletic Injuries
Rehabilitation of athletic injuries
Collaborate with the Team Physician to organize and administer the VCHS Athletic Training Program
Educate and counsel athletes and student athletic trainers
Non-Essential Functions
Supervisory Responsibilities:
Supervision of all Athletic Training personnel including all student trainers and injured athletes
Knowledge And Skills
B.A./B.S in Athletic Training or Physical Therapy
Certified in First Aid and CPR
Proper use of defibrillator and TENS equipment
ATC License
Fiscal Responsibilities: (Budget responsibilities, approval privileges, reporting and auditing)
Assist the Associate Athletic Director in the development of the sports medicine program budget.
Extent of Public Contact: (Type and frequency)
Daily contact with teachers, staff, coaches, students, parents, guests and school administrators.
Physical Demands: lifting, walking, equipment operations
Employee must be able to lift and use all pertinent sports equipment. Needs to be able to stand for long periods of time. Must be able to perform exercises to demonstrate to students.
Working Conditions and Environment: travel, usual work hours, environmental conditions
Work is performed in an athletic environment. Evening hours are often necessary. This position requires attendance to all home football games and coordination with other athletic training staff for attendance at all other home athletic events. This position travels to some away sporting events.
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