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Associate Athletic Trainer, Florida International University, Miami, FL

To apply and for more information:

Job description

The Associate Athletic Trainer will assist the Assistant AD/Athletic Training in all aspects of the health care of intercollegiate student athletes at FIU. The Associate Athletic Trainer will assist with organizational and administrative duties as assigned, as well as supervise student workers, athletic training students, and graduate assistant athletic trainers in the Athletic Training room.

  • Assists with coordination and administration of Sports Medicine program. Assists Assistant Athletic Director/Athletic Trainer in a manner that provides for competent and complete medical care for all student athletes participating in sports in Intercollegiate Athletics.
  • Manages all athletic training room functions in the absence of the Assistant Athletic Director/Athletic Trainer and the Team Physician.
  • Works cooperatively with and under the direction of the team physician in respect to reconditioning procedures; operation of Therapeutic Devices; Referrals to physicians, health services, or hospitals fitting of braces, guards and other devices; prevention of athletic injuries and rehabilitation of athletic injuries. Assists the team physician in determining whether a student athlete is physically fit for participation in practices and/or game.
  • Administers first aid to injured student-athletes. Applies protective or injury preventative devices such as taping, bandaging and/or bracing.
  • Manages training room, which includes the requisitioning and storage of supplies and equipment, keeping adequate records, maintaining and running inventory, supervising other training room personnel (CWS, OPS, Graduate assistants, etc.)
  • Coordinates educational and practical experiences for graduate assistants, student trainers, and interns as governed by NATA. Administers graduate assistants and student trainers orientation.
  • Coordinates student-athlete physical examinations.
  • Assists in the preparation of strength training/conditioning programs, education of student athletes in areas such as nutrition, personal health and weight control.
  • Attends practices and competitions, both at home and away, in order to provide immediate first aid and to determine playing status and possible medical referral. Operates motor vehicle in performance of duties.
  • Responsibilities may include prevention and treatment of athletic injuries, maintaining physical fitness programs during and of season; screening, selecting, and appointing students for training preparation; and assigning and supervising students assistants and student trainers.
  • Maintains professional standards in terms of game operations under normal circumstances, as well as emergency situations.
  • Maintains professional standards in terms of game operations under normal circumstances, as well as emergency situations.
  • Observes professional conduct and ethics when representing the University (i.e., team travel, conventions, etc.).
  • Assists in establishing policies policies and procedures. Understands and carries out rules and regulations of the SUS, athletic governing bodies, NATA, and Department of Athletics.
  • Consults with team physician(s) to determine the playing status of individual student-athletes.
  • Maintains contact with department staff, medical staff, Student Health Clinic, Student counseling center, Physical Therapy Department. Maintains contact with local hospitals and health care facilities as deemed necessary.
  • Coordinates Sports medicine service for visiting athletic teams for purposes of scheduled competition.
  • Reviews, understands and abides by all department procedures.
  • Maintains confidentiality for the department. Treats with utmost confidentiality and sensitivity any matter pertaining to academic and personal data of student athletes and any information either directly or indirectly impacting the University and/or Athletic Department.
  • Adhere to all State of Florida, University, NCAA, Conference USA and department rules and policies pertaining to the position of Athletic Trainer. Report any known NCAA violations or concerns to the Director of Athletic Compliance and be responsible for the monitoring of any subordinate as it relates to NCAA regulations.
  • Coordinates correspondence and clerical matters pertaining to the insurance program. Works cooperatively with coaches in selecting protective athletic equipment and checking for its safety.
  • Documents all treatments and rehabilitation provided to student athletes in the blue ocean system.
  • Supervises sports nutrition program.
  • Performs othe related duties as assigned or as directed. The omission of specific duties does not preclude the supervisor from assigning duties that are logically related to the position.

Minimum Qualifications
  • Master's degree in athletic training with an equivalent combination of education and experience and two (2) years of experience.
  • National Athletic Trainer Association Certificate
  • State Athletic Training Licensure

Departmental Requirements

  • Ability to handle
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