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Assistant Athletic Trainer, Pomona, New York

We are seeking a HIGHLY motivated individual to work with our professional baseball team over the 2019 summer.  He/She needs to be available for as many days in May, June, July, Aug, and Sept as possible for the 100+ game season.  This individual needs to understand the demands of keeping the players on the team healthy and ready to play every day of the summer.  This job is for experience as an athletic trainer at the professional level and comes with a stipend for the summer.  There is some travel required to away games and overnight trips to Canada, on which your travel/food/lodging will be paid for.  You will also be responsible for driving the equipment van to/from local NJ games as necessary.  This position requires a self-starter, hard working, easy going athletic trainer who wants to learn the ropes from a veteran athletic trainer in the business for 30 years.  If you are looking for an exciting summer and to be an important part of the team - this opportunity may be for YOU!!!  

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