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Heidi J. Peterson LAT ATC PES


Heidi J. Peterson LAT ATC PES
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  • Re: Appropriatness of Chiropractor on sidelines

    Chiropractors are another member of your "team provider" group. Many of your athletes will have received past chiropractic care, just as they have received past care from other medical providers. Your "team" of medical providers allows you to have facilitated referrals, as well as an advocate for you and your athletes. One of the duties of a team medical provider is communication with care providers that your athletes may be utilizing. I've found having a designated "team DC" That will call and speak with the athletes private DC regarding care to be invaluable, just as I have found same with my other "provider team" members.
    Having any of your providers on the sidelines requires you to have prior discussion as to roles in that environment. All of your provider team members should have a clear understanding of what aspects of care they will be called upon to perform on the sidelines (and elsewhere).
    Additionally, state practice acts may limit AT's from performing spine manipulation/mobilization techniques. Having a sideline resource can be helpful when an athlete needs those skills.