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Work schedule

For the athletic trainers who do athletic training outreach for a hospital and cover several schools.
How do you split your time? How much time do you spend on the road?
And how do you manage to be efficient all day long?


  • Hi Jim,

    I cover 5 high schools that are within 10 miles of each other and total about 500 athletes. I try to split my time more evenly between my 2 larger schools that have both football and ice hockey. Luckily between 5 schools, 4 of 5 co-op for 1 of my 2 varsity football teams. Once school starts, I go as needed during study hall to see kids and try to flip back and forth which school I'm at first after school. If one of the three smaller schools needs me, they call or email me to set up a day and time where I basically run a sports clinic.

    I don't track my time traveling, only my mileage and during football travel a minimum of 100 miles a week within my 10 mile radius. When possible I do travel to a school within 20 miles when no other games are going on. Traveling with teams for the most part only happens during post season or long distance ice hockey trips where 2 of my 3 teams are at a tournament. I cover football, ice hockey, and track & field first during their season due to high injury rate or high athlete numbers.

    I am fortunate that 2 local universities are also contracted from my hospital and help with game coverage when they can but then I also need to help them on occasion. Communication is the biggest struggle between 5 athletic directors, coaches, 6 other athletic trainers, doctors, ect. Days where I see athletes throughout the day are usually unproductive as far as paperwork and planning but not every day is busy and it just involves setting aside the time to be productive as well as time where I am at home.

    Luckily, I create my schedule so when I can avoid coming in mornings I do. My 8 hr (min) usually is from 1-9pm as I have games most nights during the week with 5 schools. Some days are longer, some are shorter and in the winter I work 6 days a week. It is all a balancing act when you cover multiple schools and it is important not to neglect yourself in the process.
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