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Certified Athletic Trainer, Jackson Purchase Medical Associates, Mayfield, KY, US

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Job Summary
Under the direction of the Director of Physical Therapy Department, the athletic trainer works at an assigned outreach site performing diverse duties associated with athletic training as well as at the hospital outpatient rehab clinic assisting clinical staff and performing housekeeping duties, among other responsibilities.
Essential Duties And Responsibilities
There are six domains of the athletic training practice. While at the assigned outreach site, the athletic trainer operates in these six domains:
 Attendance at athletic games and practices
 Application of protective and prophylactic devices
 Advise athletes on proper use of equipment
 Education of athletic injuries and conditions
 Education of athletes on nutritional aspects of performance
Clinical Evaluation and Diagnosis:
 On-field assessment of acute athletic injuries
 Assessment of emergency conditions or situations
 Evaluation of chronic athletic injuries or conditions
 Recognition of general medical conditions
Immediate Care:
 Acute first aid for all injuries and conditions
 Coordination/Activation of emergency medical care
Treatment, Rehabilitation and Reconditioning:
 Application of modalities to athletic injuries
 Instruction of rehabilitation exercises for athletic injuries
 Instruction on methods of maintaining overall body conditioning while injured
 Education of the injury and direction of care
 Supervision of athletes’ return to activity
 Referral of athletes to more specialized care for injury management
 Coordination of outside care and treatments
Organization and Administration:
 Maintenance of athletic training room
 Inventory of all athletic training room supplies and resources
 Accurate documentation of all daily treatments, injuries and referrals
 Collection of all correspondence with treating physician
 Routine communication between parent or guardian, coach and treating therapist or physician
Professional Responsibility:
 Maintain a high level of professionalism at all times to positively impact the community
 Comply with all confidentiality and disclosure requirements
 Complies with all local, state and federal rules, requirements, regulation and laws related to athletic training
 Reports and suspected or known violation of a rule, requirement or law to proper authorities
Bachelor’s degree in Athletic Training from and accredited college/university
BOC certified
State license or be eligible for a state license
BLS Certification-American Heart Association (Healthcare Provider) or American Red Cross (Healthcare Provider)
Able to work a flexible schedule which may include evening, weekends and holidays
1-3 year experience as an athletic trainer (experience may include internship as part of a clinical education program) preferred
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