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Concussions, sub concussive hits and CTE

I played for the SF 49ers and developed hydrocephalus from concussions during the 81 Super Bowl season. From September to May of the following year I survived 3 emergency VP shunt brain surgeries and was given last rites at age 23. In 1986 I returned to school to complete my biology degree and survived 5 additional emergency brain surgeries and several gran mal seizures during a 10 month period while enrolled in Organic, Bio Chem and Physics courses. (That about killed me). I completed a BS in Biological Conservation in 1990 at age 32 with 8 brain surgeries under my belt, surgery enduced dyslexia and major short term memory issues and began a career as a Wildlife Biologist. I survived my 9th emergency VP shunt brain surgery in 1993 and went on to teach high school Biology, Environmental Studies, Chemistry and Algebra courses and coach football for several years before returning to wildlife and environmental work.

In 2010 I founded The Visger Group - Traumatic Brain Injury Consulting and speak all over the country on TBI Avoidance, Recovery Treatments and Coping Mechanisms and conduct Coaches Concussion clinics. In 2011 I was on 4 different dementia meds, Lamictil for seizures and Ambien for insomnia, a common symptom of TBI. After a 3 day neuro cognitive assessment at the Amen Clinic in 2010, I began hyperbaric oxygen treatments (HBOT) and high dose (12 - 16 gm/day) of purified Omega 3 fish oils from Dr. Barry Sears. By my 178th hyperbaric treatment, my neurocognitive memory scores improved 14.3% and I was off all my dementia meds at age 54.

Our Medical Advisory Panel includes Dr Bennett Omalu a close friend, Dr. Rich Ellenbogen, co-chair of the NFL Head, Neck and Spine Injury Group who asked me for suggestions in 2010 for ways to reduce TBI in football (see link to synopsis of the 2010 Sports Digest article titled The Visger Rules), Dr. Barry Sears of MedWell Health, Dr. Paul Harch and a host of others.

Keep us in mind if ever in need of a powerful TBI recovery presentation, concussion seminar, help passing legislation etc. I have been featured in ESPN Outside The Lines, CNN and numerous media outlets throughout the country, London, and Rio de Janiero news stations.

ESPN Outside The Lines

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By George Visger. 136314547. I grew up in a football family, the fifth of six kids, with both of my older brothers playing football through college. My dream from ...

U.S. News & World Report
Feb 1, 2013 - George Visger is a former NFL football player and founder of The Visger Group, a traumatic brain injury consulting firm.

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Feb 4, 2010 - George Visger was a defensive lineman in the NFL. He said his dream was to play for five years and then retire and build a homestead in ...

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Dec 16, 2010 - Knowledge comes from formal learning and research, along with first-hand experience. George Visger, who played defensive tackle for the ...

George Visger
Wildlife Biologist/TBI Consulting
The Visger Group


  • George, you have had a courageous journey and fascinating treatment. Are there papers written by your doctor's about the methods used for your rehab?
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